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When you play Unreal Tournament 2004 online, UT2004 downloads maps, mods, mutators, games and numerous other assets to its cache. This cache typically persists for 90 days, forcing you to re-download those assets every 90 days. This cache system also prevents you from playing those maps, mods, mutators and games when offline or using them for your own server.

The Unreal Tournament 2004 Cache Extractor extracts those assets from your cache and performs some other highly technical magic under the hood to enable you to play those maps, mods, mutators and games when offline or on your own server. You also won't have to download those assets again, every 90 days. There's nothing like having to download a map for the 5th time while your character stands in the middle of the map, motionless, getting waxed by the other team. Yes, that's right: this utility will make you a better UT2004 player. That's an unequivocal guarantee.


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